FREE Home Health Aide (HHA) Training: White Plains/Westchester County

If you are looking for a rewarding career in health care and want to be in a field with growing job opportunities, our FREE Home Health Aide (HHA) training might be right for you!

We offer day group-training sessions for women and men who wish to become certified Home Health Aides. The sessions include 97.5 hours (13 days) of classroom/lab training plus 8 hours of clinical training (for a total of 14 days).  Our program is licensed by the Department of Health and adheres to all federal regulations. All books and training are provided free of charge.

After certification, you will be qualified to:

  • Provide health-related tasks (e.g., monitoring an individual’s temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure).
  • Perform personal care tasks (e.g., help with grooming, toileting, bathing, mobility, moving a patient from a bed to a chair, etc.).
  • Provide homemaker services to elderly and disabled individuals.

Home care is currently 1 of the 10 fastest growing industries in the U.S. Due to severe shortages of qualified HHAs, anyone with this certification will be in high demand and will have guaranteed long-term job opportunities.

Additional Services

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Upgrade

If you are already a certified PCA and want to become a Home Health Aide (HHA), you may be able to enroll in our PCA Upgrade Program. The training includes 19 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of supervised practical training.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Transition

If you are already a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or nursing student, you may be able to become a Certified Home Health Aide (HHA) by completing our Competency Evaluation Program. This involves taking a written test and successfully demonstrating competency in selected procedures.

Individuals who may be eligible to complete the Competency Evaluation Program include:

  • A nursing assistant who has had one year of full time hospital experience in the past five years
  • Individuals who have received out-of-state HHA certification or nurse aide training
  • A certified HHA who has three or more years of work experience but who has not been employed for the past 24 consecutive months
  • A nursing student who has documented evidence of successful completion of course work requiring mastery of HHA tasks within the past 24 months
  • Veterans who were trained in the U.S. Military as medical technicians or medics

Booking an Application Appointment

You must book an appointment to apply for our HHA Training Classes. Appointments are held Monday–Friday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Please note that appointments are usually 1-2 hours long so please plan ahead.

If you are interested in making an appointment to apply for our training program, please note that you must bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

For U.S. Citizens:

  • State or Federal Issued Identification (CANNOT BE EXPIRED)
  • A second form of identification, i.e. birth certificate or valid U.S. Passport (CANNOT BE EXPIRED)
  • Social Security Card

For Permanent Residents:

  • Green Card (CANNOT BE EXPIRED)
  • A second form of identification, i.e. birth certificate or Passport (CANNOT BE EXPIRED)
  • Social Security Card

For Persons Authorized to Work in the United States:

  • Work Authorization Card (CANNOT BE EXPIRED)
  • A second form of identification, i.e. birth certificate or Passport (CANNOT BE EXPIRED)
  • Social Security Card 

Meet the Instructor

Donna Vaillancourt, BSN, RN

Donna Vaillancourt received her Baccalaureate in Nursing from the College of New Rochelle. She has worked in both the Community Hospital and Hospital for Rehabilitation settings as Staff Nurse and Evening Supervisor. Vaillancourt has 17 years of experience instructing Department of Health-approved Home Health Aide and Personal Care Aide training programs. Vaillancourt enjoys teaching, especially students who are eager to learn and who are interested in providing quality care with dignity and respect to everyone in our community.