Types of Nursing Visits

1) The Initial Assessment

The first step in obtaining any level of home care services from Neighbors is a free initial assessment conducted by one of our nurses. The assessment visit requires no obligation on your part and you will not be asked to sign anything at that time.

The initial assessment will take approximately 2 hours. During that time, our nurse will evaluate the unique needs and personality of your loved one, the medications they are taking and the safety of the home environment as well as your own concerns and preferences for their care.

Our nurse will use the information from the Initial Assessment to prepare a Plan of Care and to pair your loved one with a Home Health Aide that best matches their personality and need; someone they feel will give them the most compassionate care. If you are unhappy with the aide selected, you can let us know at any time and we will provide a different aide.

If you decide to proceed, the Plan of Care developed will be reviewed with your loved one’s physician for their approval. Our Care Coordination team will directly oversee the proper implementation of the plan.

2) Supervisory Visits

After the Initial Assessment and assignment of an aide, one of our nurses will conduct a Supervisory Visit every 90 days to ensure that the Plan of Care is being properly followed and determine if any revisions to the plan need to be made.

3) Reassessment Visits

Reassessment Visits, which last approximately 1 hour, will take place once every 180 days (every 6 months).

The purpose of these visits is to check on the overall health of the patient, review his/her medications and ensure that they are in the same condition as originally noted in the Plan of Care.

If significant changes are observed, our nurse may suggest that your loved one should visit their physician to have their medications and treatment options updated. A new Plan of Care will also be developed if necessary.

4) As Needed (PRN) Visits

If you request a change in the level of service provided, our nurse will schedule a PRN visit to discuss details and draw up a new Plan of Care.