In Home Companion Care

Who Needs It

In-Home Care is ideal for elderly individuals who are still fairly independent and in general good health but who could benefit a companion to keep them socially engaged and mentally stimulated.

As people age, they often experience a loss of energy. They may start to prefer staying home watching television or reading instead of socializing with their friends. They may also start to feel isolated, lonely or have difficulty keeping busy, particularly if a spouse has passed or if friends have moved away after retirement. Additionally, they may find it more difficult to do household tasks such as cooking, laundry, running errands, etc. As a result, they can become depressed and lose interest in activities that once gave them pleasure and feel that their life has no purpose.

It is critical to keep seniors socially active as it keeps their brains engaged and reduces the potential for decreased cognitive function. Studies show that frequent mental stimulation can reduce the chances of developing dementia.

How In-Home Companion Care Can Make A Difference

If you are unable to regularly spend time with an elderly family member due to your work schedule or family duties, In-Home Companion Care may be the answer for you.

A companion aide can give you peace of mind and act as your “eyes and ears” allowing you to be more responsive to your loved one’s changing needs. This in turn will reduce your own stress level so you can be more emotionally present when you are able to spend time with your loved one.

A companion aide can help seniors stay healthy and mentally alert. They can engage them in conversation, encourage them to participate in hobbies and keep them as physically active as possible. Most importantly, they can act as a friend who listens, cares and helps them stay connected to the world. Even a few hours of conversation and company each week can make a significant impact on their attitude and behavior.

Our companion aides can also assist in a wide range of non-medical activities such as shopping, chores and providing escort service to appointments.

One advantage of hiring a companion aide early on is that your loved one will come to know and trust their aide, and be more accepting of intensive home care if it is required at a later stage.

Services Provided by Neighbors In-Home Elderly and Senior Companion Aides

Our In-Home Companion Care program provides aides who are much more than companions. Our aides can perform many other tasks that will help your loved one stay in the comfort of their home as long as possible.

Our companion aides assist with:

  • Escort to appointments
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands
  • Preparing snacks and light meals
  • Giving medication reminders
  • Accompanying your loved one to lunch or to the movies
  • Engaging in meaningful conversation and reminiscence
  • Participating in recreational activities (e.g., playing cards, board games, scrap booking)
  • Ensuring that your loved one is always happy, safe and comfortable

A companion aide can also ensure that being outdoors becomes part of your loved one’s daily routine. Whether it is taking a daily walk, doing gardening or engaging in some other outdoor activity, spending just half an hour outdoors each day can greatly improve your family member’s overall wellbeing.

Research has shown that spending time outdoors can also:

  • Promote sounder sleep
  • Boost Vitamin D levels which are often low in seniors. It’s essential for fighting inflammation, improving the immune system and for bone health. It may also be helpful in preventing heart attacks and certain cancers.

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