Companion Care

Advanced age often comes with a decreased social circle and feelings of isolation and loneliness. However, it is vital for your loved one to stay engaged and socially active in order to stave off boredom and mental decline.

It’s impossible for you to be there all the time so hiring a Neighbors aide to provide companionship for your loved one may be the answer.

Your loved one will enjoy long chats with someone who is hearing their stories for the first time. They’ll also enjoy walks in the fresh air or playing games with one of our friendly, compassionate caregivers.

Although your loved one may not initially need help with other daily activities, hiring a companion aide may be a good first step to gradually easing them into accepting more hands-on care, should it ever be needed.

Our aides can provide companionship and other care in the following settings:

In Home

Ideal for seniors who are still relatively independent and in good health, but who need a companion to keep them socially engaged and mentally stimulated.

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