Bathing Services

Who Needs It

As they age, it is common for individuals who were once well-groomed to lose interest in bathing, showering, or wearing clean clothes. There are many reasons for this including: fear of falling, depression, memory loss, and confusion.

Bathing is a very intimate activity. If your loved one is modest and values privacy, they may not want you to help them with bathing or showering activities. Your attempts to assist them can feel awkward for both of you.

In-Home Care from one of our trained aides can be the right solution. An elderly individual is more likely to accept help from a professional aide in a uniform, particularly one who has the skills to make the process smooth and less embarrassing.

It is important to remember that although cleanliness is important for good health, a daily bath or shower isn’t necessary and most seniors don’t need to bathe as often as younger individuals. Still, you want your loved one to smell good and look well-groomed so hiring an aide who has been trained to assist in bathing routines might be a good option.

Reasons Why Seniors May Stop Bathing

  • One of the first concerns expressed by individuals as they grow older is the fear of falling or slipping while getting in and out of a bathtub or shower. This fear is especially great for individuals living alone. It is embarrassing to ask for help so many cope by bathing less frequently or by giving themselves sponge baths at the sink.
  • An individual who no longer takes an interest in personal hygiene may be suffering from depression. Depression is not always obvious to an observer so a checkup with a doctor is a good idea if your loved one starts to lose interest in cleanliness.
  • Seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s may think they have recently showered although they have not done so for a week or more. They simply forget. They may also get confused when they are in the shower and not understand why there is water running on them. Showering then becomes a fearful situation which they avoid.

Neighbors Bathing Services

Our aides will help your loved one get in and out of the bathtub or shower safely, assist with bathing and hair washing if desired, provide skin care and help with dressing. They will even prepare a simple breakfast, tidy the bedroom and bathroom and stay for a chat.

Bathing services last a minimum of 2-3 hours per visit.

We serve the White Plains, NY and Westchester County areas.

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