Amount of Care

Deciding how much care your loved one needs at any point in time can be confusing.

To help with your decision, please refer to the chart below or contact our office at (914) 949-3112 and we’ll be happy to guide you.

You can adjust the level and hours of care as the needs of your loved one change.

Minimum Care: 4 hours a day / 2 days a week
Maximum Care: 24/7 Live-In Care

Short-Term Versus Long-Term Care

Short-Term Care

Individuals who have been recently discharged from a hospital or rehab facility, are recovering from a bone fracture or suffering from a short-term illness may be temporarily unable to care for themselves. They may require in-home care for a few weeks or a few months until they regain full independence.

Our aides can step in to help with their personal care, ensure they are taking their medications on time, prepare meals for them and ensure that they are safe and comfortable during their recovery.

When applicable, our aides can also teach your loved ones how to care for themselves after our aides are gone (e.g., safer ways to go up and down stairs after a hip injury).

Long-Term Care

Individuals with declining physical or cognitive abilities, serious or prolonged ailments or mental illness may require care until end of life. Long-Term Care may also be suitable for individuals with high-functioning autism.