Types of Care

90% percent of seniors would prefer to age in their own homes, rather than moving in with a relative, or going to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Still, it may be difficult for your loved one, and for you, to accept that they need home care to make that possible. Your loved one may be embarrassed that they can no longer perform the simple tasks of daily living without help and may be unwilling to give up their independence by inviting a stranger into their home.

It may be easier for them to adjust if their first exposure to home care is receiving help with non-personal tasks such as light housekeeping, grocery shopping or accompaniment to a doctor’s appointment rather than help with grooming or bathing.

Who Needs Home Care?

Home Care is not just for elderly, disabled or chronically ill individuals who need assistance to continue living in their own homes.

It’s also for individuals who may need extra care or companionship while they are in the hospital, in an assisted living residence or in a hospice. It can also be a way to provide family caregivers with a much-needed break from their responsibilities. Home care can also be useful for families with disabled relatives.

Which Home Care Service Is Right For You?

Neighbors Home Care Services in White Plains, NY and Westchester County offers a broad range of services including: personal care, companion care and homemaking care.

To help you decide which type of care is right for you or your loved one, please refer to the listings below.